Fully Professed

A Fully Professed Sister, or "Black Veil", is a full member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She dresses however her imagination takes her, while wearing the signature white face of a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. A fully professed Sister takes their vows, and is given a black or colored veil as a symbol of her progression.

Sister Jareth  Harrie

Sister Jareth Harrie

Mistress Aide-de-Camp, Protocol
Sister Sonata  InDee

Sister Sonata InDee

Sister Lolly  Lustipop

Sister Lolly Lustipop

Sister Flora  Potts

Sister Flora Potts

Founding Member
Sister Bend  A. Dick

Sister Bend A. Dick

Founding Member
Sister Raisa  Brau

Sister Raisa Brau

Sister Jinger  Breadmann

Sister Jinger Breadmann

Sister Suga  Britches

Sister Suga Britches

Father Maury Nye  D'Angelo

Father Maury Nye D'Angelo

Sister Amora  Dat

Sister Amora Dat

Sister Gabby  DeAnkles

Sister Gabby DeAnkles

Mistress of Technology
Sister Bearie  DeLishus

Sister Bearie DeLishus

Vice Pres./Mistress of Novices, Archives
Sister Odora  Falutlotta D'Pew

Sister Odora Falutlotta D'Pew

Founding Member, Mistress of Archives
Sister Divine  Ho

Sister Divine Ho

Mistress of Blessings
Sister Navi  Ho

Sister Navi Ho

Mistress of Joy, Mistress of Evangelism
Sister Alotta  Hooka

Sister Alotta Hooka

Sister Ivanna  Know U

Sister Ivanna Know U

Treasurer, Mistress of Habits,
Sister Leavia  Lafin

Sister Leavia Lafin

Founding Member
Sister Rockette  Launcher

Sister Rockette Launcher

Mistress of Beatification
Sister Opa  Leez

Sister Opa Leez

Sister Bear  Ly Covered

Sister Bear Ly Covered

Father Grizzly  Madams

Father Grizzly Madams

Abbot/Board President
 Sister Mimosa Romero

Sister Mimosa Romero

Sister Percy  Q'Shone

Sister Percy Q'Shone

Sister Krymia  Rivah

Sister Krymia Rivah

Sister B'Neatha  Sheets

Sister B'Neatha Sheets

Founding Member
Sister Bee  SoFee

Sister Bee SoFee

Sister Karma  Sutra

Sister Karma Sutra

Sister Dangly  Thyngs

Sister Dangly Thyngs

Sister Sur Mon  Visage

Sister Sur Mon Visage

Mistress of Prophylactics