The Calling

We strongly believe that each of us has a path to follow. We all, at some point, find a way to help our sisters and brothers to have a rich and rewarding life without guilt and shame. By presenting ourselves in a comedic and flamboyant display, we demonstrate the principals of "life without guilt" to all we touch.

Although each Sister is an individual with their own beliefs, reasoning, sexuality, gender, race and creed, one thing remains the same. She is called to give of her time and energy to serve her community while wearing fabulous clothes, makeup, and accessories! There is room for much fun and laughter within the Sisters, and yet we take our calling very seriously. The majority of Sisters consider it a lifelong commitment.

Each house and mission determines the process by which new Sisters and Guards are brought into the fold. By visiting the links page, you can find links to every house and mission and discover how each one determines advancement to Sisterhood.

The first step in the Grand Canyon Sisters is to speak with the Mistress of Novices. She is the one who will tell you about the Sisters in great detail, and delineate the entire process. During this discussion, she will determine if you and the sisters are a good match. She will then present you to the membership at the next meeting, where you will be introduced as an Aspirant. Together you can explore becoming a Ministrant or a Guard within the Grand Canyon house.

Each new Grand Canyon "recruit" begins his or her journey to becoming a member as an Aspirant. As the name implies, the Aspirant is aspiring to become a member. During the time spent as an aspirant, this person can see what goes into being a Ministrant or Guard, from the fabulous side most see to the background activities of planning and preparing for an event. It gives the individual time to decide if being a Ministrant or Guard is truly his or her calling. The aspirancy also allows the Sisters to determine if he or she is a good fit for advancement to the next phase. During this time, the Aspirant will not be identified by a sisterly name and will not be dressed as a Ministrant or a Guard. Before taking this step, come out and meet the Sisters. Talk with them, watch them in action. Perhaps volunteer to assist at an event, or just be a Sister groupie for a bit, and make sure for yourself this is an undertaking with which you are comfortable.

Each aspirant will be presented to the house for consideration of the next step, Postulancy. One choosing the path of Guard at this time would be considered a Cadet. The Postulant or Cadet chooses a name that exemplifies their new persona and begins working with the signature "white face" make-up. Postulants and Cadets are not allowed to wear color on their lips, as they are not yet speaking for the Sisters, they are watching and learning. At this level, regardless of path, the member is required to wear the uniform of the Postulant or Guard. She or he is molding the person that will be their identity as a Ministrant or Guard. Also during this time, the Postulant chooses two Sisters to be her "big sisters" (Guards would choose a mentor). The Big Sisters and Mentors act as a guides, confidants, and tutors in the remainder of the Postulant/Cadet's tenure with the Sisters. Upon completion of this phase, the Postulant/Cadet is brought before the house for advancement to the next step. Ministrants will be moving to the level of Novice, while Cadets will be looking to become a Full Guard. Full Guard is the final step for Guards. A Full Guard is a Guard for life and may wear any uniform or color make up they choose.

Novitiate is the last phase before becoming a Fully-Professed member of the house. During this time, The Novice Ministrant may start using full make-up, and truly begins to cement the persona that will be who she is. The Novice will select a Sister to serve as her Mother. The Mother is often chosen because of a strong bond with the Novice. The Mother will be the new Ministrant's guide, conscience, and temperance. She will act much as your biological mother would. The Novice Sister must only wear a white veil during this time, which identifies her as a Novice Sister. Those following the ministrant path of priest will wear white vestments whenever manifesting. Each Novice will be asked to complete a Novice Project, which will give him or her real-time experience in being a Ministrant. During this time, the Novice Ministrant is still fully answerable to his or her house and must exemplify that s/he is truly serious about his/her mission as a member of the Sisters.

Upon completion of the Novitiate, the candidate is presented for ascension to Fully-Professed Member. Once accepted by the house, the Ministrant will present his/her public vows of service, and is now a member for life. S/he will manifest alone or on groups, may wear any color veil she chooses, and represents the Sisters everywhere.

If you feel called to join the Sisters, we look forward to speaking with you. You can reach the Mistress of Novices at or speak with any Sister at an event.